Q1. What time does advanced auto parts close?

Advance auto parts work for seven days of a week. It closes at 09:00 pm From Monday to Saturday. While on Sunday, It closes at 08:00 pm

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Q2. What time does Advance auto parts open?

Advance auto parts remain open for a whole week. It opens at 07:30 am from Monday to Saturday while it closes at 08:00 am on Sunday.

Q3. Who owns Advance auto parts?

Advance auto part is the sharing of the following:

Institutional owners

Vanguard Group Inc.

BlackRock Fund

Barrow, Hanley Mewhinney

State street crop

Starboard Value LP

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Q4. How much does advance auto parts pay per hour?

Advance Auto parts pay a reasonable amount per hour. They deliver an hourly rate of $9. At the same time, the pay rate varies from $9 to $32, according to the post. They can get $17,324 per year at a $9 hourly rate.

Q5. Who do I call to complain about specific Advance auto parts locations?

You can visit their website.

You can their customer care Centre.

You can track them on social media like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Q6. How old do you have to work at Advance auto parts?

They hire at the age of 18. Suppose you are less than 18 or 17. They can’t engage as they have a strict age requirement policy, which is 18.

Q7. How can I know my advance auto parts gift card credit?

Visit any Advance auto parts store and ask them to check your balance. You have to give card details. You can check your balance by calling to call center if Advance auto parts.

Q8. What is the pay at advance auto parts?

They pay an hourly rate to their customers. Mostly, they pay from $9 to $32, according to the post and experience. In contrast, they can make more than $15,000 per year.

Q9. How do I contact advanced auto parts?

You can contact them by visiting their website.

You can call the customer Center.

You can access their YouTube, Twitter etc.

Q11. How do I check my Advance auto parts merchandise credit?

If you want to check your credit, you can text 16-digit code to 1-877, and they will inform you about your credit. You can also make a call to them for a fast reply.

Q12. How to set up a profile for Advance auto parts?

You have to visit the Advance Auto parts official website to make a profile. After login, you have to put your basic details, and then your profile will be set up for advance Auto parts purchasing.

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